Foundational Frequency | Shannon Morse & Dr Espen | Dr E TV 2022 – Copy

Foundational Frequency // Shannon Morse

As always, it was a privilege and a pleasure. Today I talk to ETV where we are joined by Shannon Morse from The Green Door Life all the way from the San Francisco Bay area. Shannon has served thousands of people locally and remotely for over 15 years now. Not only in nutrition, exercise, science, and education, but also in mindset. And something really cool that I’m excited to talk about today, which is the natural intuition techniques that she uses to harness the power of her clients’ full potential.

She holds space and helps them go through growth and development and uses a lot of guided meditation as an opportunity to access the true self, the higher self. And Shannon is also a partner of the Green Door Self Development Education Platform, which provides our individual programmes for nutrition movement, intuitive development, and so on and so on. I am so excited for this conversation.

Foundational Frequency | Shannon Morse & Dr Espen

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