“Put yourself in a different position every day because the universe will give you opportunities that you may have never come across because you keep doing the same thing daily.”


 Dr Espen is joined by a special guest, Lou Milosevski, who transformed a successful program with his insights. We’ll explore the profound influence of time cycles, time by degrees, and the intriguing world of sunspots. We will discuss the cycles of the universe and how they impact our lives and businesses.


[00:04:47] Time cycles and sunspots

[00:12:35] Using planetary cycles for business

[00:15:49] Time and timing in business

[00:19:29] Global warming and weather patterns

[00:24:15] Sunspot cycles and significant years

[00:27:28] Being smart about upcoming changes

[00:30:46] Practicing gratitude daily

[00:32:43] Rewriting the business success program

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Lou has successfully owned and operated businesses in Recruitment (HR), Financial Planning, Lending, Telecommunications, Private Colleges (RTO), Compliance, Flying School, Freight Forwarding, Transport, Manufacturing, Import / Export, International Trade and Finance, Food & Beverage, Agriculture & Aquaculture.


Now Lou is focused on sharing his experiences and knowledge with other business owners and entrepreneurs. He specializes in helping people find success and happiness in the blended role of owning a business and family.

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Lou Milosevski

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