Bridging The Gap Between Science & Spirituality with Dr. Keith Motes PART 1 | Dr E TV 2020

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Bridging The Gap Between Science & Spirituality

I am here today with one of my absolute favourite humans on this planet. Not only is he an amazing academic, but he is also a beautiful brother and a very conscious, loving man. This is Dr. Keith Motes, PhD in quantum physics.

Today we are going to dive deep into the workings of the universe and extract some golden nuggets out of how we can empower ourselves, how we can heal ourselves, how we can live an incredible life. I think your story is just one of the things that fascinates me the most. I remember one of the first times I met you and I had no idea who you were or the kind of in-depth research that you had done into these things such as physics first and then quantum physics. I just observed you as a person and I am somewhat aware that I am aware and I was aware of the energy that you brought to the place. You stepped up with tremendous presence, but it wasn’t just presence, it was loving presence and it was a very interesting experience.

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