Bitcoin and The Financial System | Rowan Hill & Dr Espen Hjalmby | Dr E TV 2022

An Important Conversation About Bitcoin and the Financial System

Rowan has quiet the interesting story having went from an Electrician by trade to trailing various business ventures over the years until he found his passion which is investing in early stage businesses that impact the greater human experience and the planet in a positive way. He has a unique perspective on the intersection of big business, community and our shared disruptive future.

Over the past 10 years Rowan has build an impressive network of incredible people from all over the world. Some of his interests include Energy, Mining, Finance, Blockchain, technology, sustainable systems, snowboarding, travel and connecting with other inspiring people doing positive things

Bitcoin and the Financial System


What’s your story?

What do you think of some of the main reasons people are struggling financially today?

Where can people start to take action to increase their wealth?

What are you working towards now?

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