3 Steps to Scaling Online w/ your mission & message | Dr Espen Hjalmby & Shay Ryan Douglas | Dr E TV

3 Steps to Scaling Online w/ your mission & message

We’re going to be discussing the importance of impacting people’s lives through finding your message and scaling your mission. This is something Dr Espen has done so profoundly well to help serve humanity at this point in time when we could probably all agree that the world needs a lot of healing and we’ve just finished the quantum Advance on the Gold Coast.

Today we’re going to unpack that a little bit deeper with Dr Espen and he’s got to share these three steps with you guys so that you can incorporate them more into your lives for a longer-lasting sense of change, and that you guys can also help serve other people, so this is a really important conversation. It’s going to be a great conversation because we’re also going to focus on the online aspect, looking at the impacts of documentaries, which we’re going to touch on later on, and also virtual experiences.

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