One of my favourite questions to ask in my coaching clients is simply: if you don’t specifically ask for what you want in life, how can you expect the universe to give it to you? So how can we ask good questions so we may begin to attract what we truly want info our lives? The answer is: Create a powerful, values-oriented vision board!

A lot of people question whether or not a vision board actually does work. When you create a visual representation of what you want, see it often and follow through it, you are mentally exercising your goals throughout the day. Visualization is known to have a powerful impact on the mind. When the mind starts to believe, the rest of you achieves.

To test this a research panel interviewed the MBA Harvard Class of 1979 asking the question:

Do you have goals in life?

If so, are they written or not?

What we found out was that 3% of those who have written specific goals or essentially created a vision board for themselves were 10 times more successful compared to the other 97% of the batch. The results were congruent with what we know to be true. When we want to manifest anything in our lives, we have to start by writing them down.

So what is it that we put on our vision board? Remember that it is your vision board. Your very own private space of hopes and dreams. It’s a tool you use to bring everything that you put on it to life. There’s absolutely no way you can mess it up.

I look at the 7 aspects of my life which include mental or personal growth, spiritual fulfillment, wellness, mission, family, finances and significant other or love and determine where I am in these areas and where I want to be. I also include travel in there, a third in my life is travel. Include anything that inspires you, challenges you and motivates you. Write down the financial equivalent of that goal. Like if I say I want to see 5 countries this year, write down specifically which countries are included and how much money do you need to save  in order to get there. The finances underneath would be related to you saving that amount of money in order for you to do those things. Create a visual display of these areas. Use your hands, write them down one by one and commit to memory.

Believe me, when I say that vision boards are almost like magnets. It drags you towards it and the more you focus on it, the more it expands. I listed down my goals on my vision board for 2016. I’m proud to share that I’ve achieved 9 out of 13 of those goals. They are not what you’d call simple at all. They are big hairy audacious goals that I’ve set for myself. I personally believe in creating a vision board each year. As you continue to evolve and reach the optimum level of consciousness, your dreams and visions will expand too.

If you don’t already have one, after reading this, will you create one? The answer to that should be yes. Draw out images or pictures that represent the experiences and successes that you wish to attract into your life and place them on your board. It doesn’t have to be a huge board, it can be small like something you can put on your desk, your nightstand or even your refrigerator. Handy enough for you to see it every day until it naturally seeps through your subconsciousness. Commit to it. Tweak it. Fine tune it. Look at it every day until you see it manifests into reality.

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