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After specialising in wellness, detoxification, nutrition, optimal health and personal empowerment for over 15 years, I really do believe that YOU are the best doctor in the world. You see with the right nutrition, supplements, mindset, exercise, lifestyle and inspired activities, you can begin to express your own true potential – This uniqueness inside you that is there, bursting to be set free. My team and I have designed this website and all its content to show you the real truth around health, wellness and how to obtain personal power, so you can help your family get healthier as each day goes by. For what is worse than getting the bad news of sickness or ill health when over 95% of our health outcomes are up to us?* At you will learn exactly how to fuel your body to have abundant energy and design the body of your dreams. Not only will you be able to pick up the tools to get your body lean, your stomach green and your temple clean, but you will also learn how to take control of your family’s health and wellbeing, using food as medicine, and yourself and your own power as your personal doctor of choice!


After spending 3 years in and out of surgeries and wheelchairs after acquiring a life-threatening hospital infection and exhausting all medical options only to see my health rapidly decline, I decided to take my health into my own hands. Using the power of nutrition, essential supplements, meditation, mindset, and my own daily fitness and yoga regime, I discovered my life’s ultimate purpose: To inspire and transform the lives of people across the globe by revealing to them, their own true magnificence, and by doing so, optimizing their human potential to be abundantly well and thrive through the expression of life. 

Who is Dr. Espen Hjalmby?

Dr Espen is a fully qualified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) with degrees in DipPhysEd (Teaching), HIVE, BApp Sci and MClinChiro RMIT.

Following his introduction to the incredible marriage between his clinical practice combined with hot yoga, Dr Espen became one of the original founders of the Bonfire Health Group – the largest yoga and well-being studios in Australia.

Expanding to 8 centres in 5 years, Dr Espen’s passion never faulted as he cared for and consulted over 10,000 patients and clients prior to his retirement from clinical practice in 2015.

Dr Espen and his partner Amber Hawken aka the “Dynamic Duo” now spend their time travelling the world transforming the lives of thousands as they share their signature programs, detox and healing retreats and coaching with tremendous success.

So what’s in this for You?

Whether you want to have more energy, lose weight, look and feel better about yourself, reduce your medications, increase the quality of your love life, have better drive and focus at work, balance your hormones, sleep better or just simply take back control of your health and life, following the principles at can allow you to pick up the tools to do exactly that. All you need to do is to start learning, applying investing in yourself today, and you might come to see that the by-products of your healthy choices become a vibrant and abundant life. But remember… optimal health, happiness, and fulfillment does not come without hard work, but if you truly are ready to invest in yourself, then you are already on your way…This in itself, is truly transformational!

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* Dr. Bruce Lipton, (Biology of Belief) Stanford University Medical School in research released in 1998